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Computer Security Day falls on November 30 this year

Nov. 30, 2014 is almost here, which means consumers and companies alike should remember to focus on safeguarding personal and corporate content. A Days of the Year report explained Computer Security Day is a reminder to update passwords and systems to avoid exposing sensitive information.

“Security is an important consideration when working with computers, the Internet or indeed any electronic devices. Use Computer Security Day to ensure that your passwords are regularly updated, that your personal information is safe and secure and that your systems are protected,” the news source encouraged. Continue reading

Staci Emery

Small businesses slow to adopt BI solutions

Small businesses that want to leverage business intelligence to enhance their firms’ decision-making may not know how or where to start. There are many options available to capture raw data; however, not all are capable of turning data into actionable insights.

Business Intelligence software is a powerful tool that provides visibility into how your business is performing. With self-service business intelligence tools, employees are able to set up customized reports to gather the information they need to make better business decisions without involving other departments.

A Logi Analytics survey found 22 percent of business workers have access to self-service BI, while 23 percent of IT professionals possess the same capacity. Self-service capabilities are ideal for reducing IT requests, with respondents indicating they achieve reductions of 37 percent, eWEEK reported. Continue reading

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Pinnacle Expands Custom Development Solutions with New Partner – Cincom Systems

Partnership provides mobile and self-service capabilities for complex products in the specialty vehicle space

September, 2014 ― Worldwide software provider, Cincom Systems (, has signed a partnership agreement with Pinnacle, an Advanced Imaging Solutions Company that provides network management, Web portal development and integrated business processes for its customers in the specialty vehicle market. As part of the agreement, Pinnacle will embed Cincom Guru™ into its custom e-commerce solutions to provide complex configuration capabilities to specialty vehicle manufacturers.

Cincom Guru, a Business Rule Management System (BRMS), empowers business users to automate complex sales and product knowledge by using simple, graphical “if this then that” rules. Continue reading

What exactly is Azure anyway?

Clients often ask about Microsoft’s Cloud offering known as Azure making it very clear that they don’t quite understand what Azure is all about.

Can you teach me Azure?
How much does Azure cost?
How do I get Azure?

These questions all have one thing in common – the mistaken belief that Azure is a thing in and of itself, which in some respects it is, but mostly is not.

So what is Azure? Continue reading

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Employees may be weak link in corporate security safeguards

Businesses that search high and low to spot cyberattacks from sophisticated hackers may want to devote more time to employee education to stop potential breaches from occurring. A new CloudEntr survey discovered workers are companies’ biggest concern regarding security threats, CNBC reported.

Nearly 80 percent of organizations cited the workforce as the weakest link in their security. For financial services firms, 81 percent answered similarly. What is perhaps most surprising is the fact that 64 percent of participants have no plans to change their security infrastructure strategies in 2015; however, 89 percent expect to devote more resources toward employee education, the news provider reported. Continue reading

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Microsoft touts cloud computing for Dynamics suites, other popular solutions

Microsoft has made cloud computing one of its foundational IT solutions. Azure is standing toe to toe with major competitors such as Amazon and Google and is holding its own. The company recently asserted the cloud will offer immense productivity advantages for its other products, including Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics suites.

The Redmond, Washington-based tech giant detailed its cloud plans at the Convergence 2014 Europe business conference. The combination of Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics and Azure will redefine how companies bolster productivity. Continue reading

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Let IT do the heavy-lifting for your small business [VIDEO]

Small and medium-sized businesses want IT solutions to drive revenue. In fact, a new AVG Technologies survey found that more than a quarter of SMBs believe cloud computing, the Internet of Things and wearable technologies will help them accomplish this goal.

In an interview with eWeek about the study, Marco LaVecchia, vice president of channel sales for AVG Technologies, said SMBs can only benefit from these innovative solutions if vendors help secure these systems.

If your SMB wants to leverage the best technology tools on the market, contact Pinnacle, an Advanced Imaging Solutions company, today. We are a leading managed IT services provider that provides technology solutions to clients. Our team of experts will assess your company’s current technology landscape to suggest the best IT solutions to fit your needs.

For more technology tips to keep your firm running smoothly and securely, stay tuned!

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Infrastructure-based security spending will surpass $100 billion by 2020

Organizations are upping their IT security investments to protect important content from cybercriminals. A new ABI Research report indicated global spending on critical-based infrastructure safeguards will total $109 billion by 2020, with North American and European companies accounting for a bulk of these expenditures. Firms in these markets will devote resources toward shoring up networks, systems and data protection.

The report also noted that defense, energy and financial sectors are targeted the most by malicious threats. The energy field in particular is facing problems from cybercriminals, specifically related to unauthorized control system access. To protect their assets, these organizations must implement security measures to prevent accidentally exposing sensitive information. Continue reading

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Virtualization may hold the key to security [VIDEO]

If your business wants to shore up critical IT vulnerabilities, it may benefit from virtualization solutions.

Smart Data Collective recently reported that network, desktop and server virtualization systems enable organizations to address security threats with rapid and informed responses. Such capabilities make sure companies safeguard sensitive data from malicious cybercriminals.

Businesses that want to adopt virtualization to gain operational flexibility, replace aging equipment and enhance security, should contact Pinnacle, an Advanced Imaging Solutions company, today.