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Planning your migration from Windows Server 2003

Wouldn’t it be nice if upgrading your IT infrastructure was as easy as updating an app or operating system on your smart device? Operating from the cloud has made upgrading infrastructure much easier and cost effective for businesses – so what is preventing them from making the switch?

Simply put – small and midsize businesses don’t have the time or resources to handle the job alone. However, with the approaching end of support for Windows Server 2003, and the risks associated with outdated systems, CIOs are realizing they need to begin planning before it is too late.

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Staci Stickovich

Case Study: Global leader in pediatric orthopedics partners with Pinnacle to improve efficiencies

The Client

OrthoPediatrics is a global leader in pediatric orthopedics. Using innovative technologies, the company creates plates, screws, nails and other tools for implants and instruments used by surgeons to treat children with birth defects or broken bones.

Established in 2006 in Warsaw, Indiana, OrthoPediatrics quickly claimed a spot in the medical device industry; its rapid growth led the company to seek outside support for their technology needs. The company understood early on that it could not successfully grow the business while trying to manage every facet of its daily operations, including its IT infrastructure. Continue reading

Staci Stickovich

The future of productivity has come to Michiana!

News Release

South Bend, IN — 3/18/2015: Pinnacle, An Advanced Imaging Solutions Company is taking business productivity to the next level – and business leaders are invited to experience the difference. The certified Microsoft partner has recently opened a Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) in their Mishawaka office.

The Microsoft Experience Center allows businesses to test Microsoft office applications in a hands-on environment. Pinnacle has not one, but two certified MEC facilitators. “It isn’t like a traditional presentation or demo, businesses are invited to explore Microsoft’s productivity tools in a simulated true-to-life work environment. It’s very collaborative and allows participants to see how Microsoft devices and solutions can provide real-life advantages for their business,” Eric Huggins, MEC facilitator and DevOps Manager for Pinnacle tells us. Continue reading

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Hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds

With so many changes occurring in technology, some CIOs struggle with which functional areas should be addressed first. As systems and services evolve, there can be confusion discerning which technology solutions would best-fit the needs of the company.

According to VentureBeat contributor Nick East, there is a natural rhythm to infrastructure developments. But while there’s been a massive push toward the cloud, not every business is ready – or able – to make the switch. Some companies have found that a hybrid solution is a happy medium between cloud and on-prem storage and applications. Continue reading

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Clinton email controversy sparks conversations about data security

The recent controversy highlighting Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email for work, and potentially put confidential government information at risk, has sparked conversations around the world about the importance of cyber security. Despite conflicting views and opinions about the controversy itself, one thing everyone can agree upon is that businesses, no matter what size they are, need to protect their confidential information from potential security threats.

“Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system rather than a government-run account while serving as Secretary of State has raised questions about what rules she may have broken, whether she knew she was in violation, and who else knew about her private system,” wrote ABC News contributors Meghan Keneally, Liz Kreutz and Shushannah Walshe.  Continue reading

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Benefits of updating Windows Server 2003 outweigh costs

Most businesses are fully aware that Microsoft will no longer provide official support Windows Server 2003 as of July 14, 2015. Yet, despite the risks, some organizations have yet to begin migrating their systems. It seems there is a misconception that if something is working, it doesn’t need to be replaced.

What businesses don’t realize is that they are putting their systems at risk by refusing to migrate. Servers continuing to operate past their useful life tend to fail more often, halting productivity and risking data loss. Not only that, but without patches and updates, the server is vulnerable to malware and security attacks. Continue reading

Three ways the Internet of Things (IoT) will Impact Business

The face of technology has changed significantly within the last decade. The consumerization of IT, best exemplified by the rise of the smartphone, has altered the relationship that technology has with the professional world.

IT personnel used to be considered the gatekeepers of the systems and software that keep businesses running. Now, rather than being assigned a device or waiting for IT staffers to provide assistance, employees are taking the wheel. Because of this, IT departments are now tasked with creating secure environments that enable tech-savvy professionals to navigate their own way. Continue reading

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Brutally Cold Winter Impacting Midwest Businesses

Old man winter has his grip on much of the country, including the Midwest. While this season it seems that Boston has beared the brunt of the weather, Indiana has also received above average snowfall. Winter storm warnings, whiteout conditions, and mandated travel advisories have forced area businesses to close time and time again.

Severe winter weather can greatly affect productivity if companies are not prepared. Power outages and unforeseen consequences of inclement weather can take business systems offline for hours, days or longer – halting operations until they are restored.

To help businesses cope with harsh Winter weather, Pinnacle has compiled a list of suggestions that can help improve employee productivity and reduce downtime. Continue reading

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The importance of upgrading and updating operating systems

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about modernizing operating systems. One of the most relevant examples of this was Microsoft’s push for customers to move off of Windows XP. In terms of the average life of an operating system, XP long outlived its value. This was one of the reasons that Microsoft elected to pull support for the OS in April 2014 – 12 years after its initial release.

In spite of the lacking functionality and a set date on which official assistance would end, many people continued to use XP. This was because, simply enough, they were used to it. According to InformationWeek contributor Michael Endler, there were “hundreds of millions of people” still running XP less than one month from its end of support date. Continue reading

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The difference between business continuity and disaster recovery

The unfortunate reality of business is that nothing is guaranteed. Even if a company does everything right, an unexpected variable can throw everything off course and cause untold hours of downtime. Even being offline in some capacity for just a minute can result in lost business, and every moment that downtime is occurring can be another step toward closing for good. This is why companies put business continuity and disaster recovery strategies in place.

But what is the difference between these two things? Some people use the terms interchangeably, which can be confusing for those still trying to understand. While they sound similar, business continuity and disaster recovery are actually two very different things. Making sure that an organization has plans in place for both of them is important should an emergency arise. Continue reading